Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Definition of Fashion....

Depending on your personal beliefs we were all born into this world naked and intened to stay that way until Adam and Eve made that dreadful mistake... But if your like me, clothes are more than just a way to cover a naked body but FASHION. To me FASHION is more than just a way to fit in and look cool or acceptable among your peers but a way to express yourself, your stlye, your personality, your beliefs, the refelections of your FASHION are a refelction of you inside and out.

My definition of FASHION is everything you can think of rolled into one. When you first look at someone you automatically have an opionon of what kind of person you think they are. Sometimes a negative judgement, sometimes postive, but a judgement. Well how do you communicate with a person your entire being from just first impressions. If you notice it or not you communicate with others everyday, all day with out even saying a word to them. You persona, image, clothes, style, hair, skin, are all forms of nonverbal communication to the people around you. FASHION is one of the biggest forms of NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION.

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