Monday, December 15, 2008

Kids and Fashion

So the other day, I was watching a documentary on HBO. At the moment I cannot recall the name or director of the documentary but it was about kids and FASHION and how it becomes important to them even at a very young age. The documentary interview several kids and there parents asking them about money and clothes. Some kids would pressure there parents into buying them fashions that they could not afford or get jobs just to support there image to appeal and fit in to a certain group, and appear to be a certain way towards there peers.

Personally , when I was in school what people wore was not that important. But as the generations develop it seams that fashion and money is the main focus. I love, love, love fashion but I would never promote children, or anyone to become obsessed with it. In present times kids get teased for not having a certain brand name jeans or tennis shoes. This is unacceptable.

Now, I don't like to blame the media because I feel that people are responsible for their and their children's actions, I think the media has a big thing to do with how little children view there personal image. Image is everything, and very important but children of elementary and middle school ages should not even have to think about it... But how do we solve this problem when the people on the TV are the ones thy look up to. You can't ask the celebrities to change there image, or clothes, or anything else because it how they represent and market themselves. To fix this, it is the parents, and school responsibility to teach there children the value of people, the value of money, and the value of image. Image, another NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION!

K. Brown

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