Saturday, December 6, 2008

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show... How long will Victoria stay a secret???

We are all familiar with the famous Victoria's Secret FASHION show, and might I say it was FABULOUS but have you even noticed that when it is time for the finale walk there is never a designer that comes out and takes a bow with his/her collection. Now before the 2009 fashion show hit the TV screen it never even crossed my mind that the designer/creator/founder of Victoria's Secret never showed there face to the public. Now I know most of you think the designer is a man, maybe a woman? Who knows? Why is this? And will the founder of this multi billion dollar industry remain a secret?

Over my studies in the FASHION industry I have learned that some designers do not name there brand/label after them because of hopes of selling the business in the future. Could this be the case with VS? Again, Who knows? Or will we ever?

On a personal note, I think that VS was created by either a little old woman in some small town in East Texas who lives in a small house on a small 50 acres farm with her barn animals. She loves living her simple paparazzi free life and always intended to keep it that way no matter how big the business got. She probably didn't even expect it to get that big. But now she lets her grandchildren run the business and enjoys her retirement with her loyal husband Bill. lol :)

Thats all,

K. Brown

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XOXO Jazzy Baptiste said...

I believe that the creator of Victoria's Secret is a small town girl who doesen't like the limelight. I feel thats why she named it Victoria's Secret if she told us then her secret will be out.