Friday, May 29, 2009

I scream you scream we all scream for ICE CREAM. PHARRELL

Pharrell Williams , really should think about creating some clones just for me lol :) Cause right now I'm just really feeling his music and his style. Billionaire Boys Club, is an apparel market for the consumer who displays individuality and swag. Making apparel available for women and men, everyone should get them a scoop of ICE CREAM!

Solange Knowles, Sol- Angel, and the Future of FASHION

Solange Knowles is making a name for her self not only in the music industry with her debt album Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams, but is also making a positive name for herself in the social and FASHION industry. Being one of the most followed people on twitter Solange is on everyone mind and the talk of the Internet. Among her many accomplishments and through her evolving career her sense of style and fashion has also evolved. Solange not only has great style but is also innovative, takes risk, and most importantly dresses to please her self and NOT the media! I love Solanges style, she expresses herself freely in makes her own trends! Take notes, cause Solange Knowles in on her way to taking over in music and FASHION!